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About Us

Welcome to C. Charisse Enterprises—Where Faith Meets the Written Word.


  • Mission: Welcome to C. Charisse Enterprises, where faith and practicality converge. Founded during the pandemic by retired flight attendant Chauntelle Ricks, we set out to bridge the gap between spiritual wisdom and business acumen.
  • Offerings: Explore our curated collection of discipleship books, immersive Bible study courses, and essential business templates tailored for leaders like you. Our materials are crafted to deepen spiritual connections and streamline business growth.
  • Impact: Join over 8,000 participants who have transformed their spiritual journey through our resources. Whether you're a pastor seeking to turn your sermons into course outlines, writing your first book and need your outline created or a business owner needing strategic tools, discover how we can elevate your vision and impact.
  • Thank you for joining us on this journey of spiritual growth, and may each page turned bring you closer in your relationship with our heavenly Father, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit.



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    Chauntelle and the C. Charisse Staff